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This Portable Solar Insect Killer is a hi-tech product applied in pests killing for agriculture researched and developed by our company. After a long period’s research into the wave band, we’ve applied the best one and gotten the national patent for invention.
This product realizes intelligence thanks to the application of micro-computer control chip. During daytime, the maintenance-free lead-acid battery is powered by the quality amorphous silicon and at the same time the sunshine will be transferred to electricity and stored. At night, the lamp will be on automatically to kill pests. Once the light is on, all kinds of pests will be attracted and they will gather around the area of the lamp. Then, they will feel dizzy because of the light frequency. In a word, the main principle is pests’ phototaxis and nocturnal habits.
Once this machine is installed to use, it will kill pests every day. Thus, our food will be the real green and safe food.
The advantages of this product: First, energy is saved because this product is powered by solar. Second, electrical wire is not needed. Third, the voltage is just 6V, which means safety is guaranteed. Fourth, it is eqipped with 4 distinctive functions: light control, rain control, time control and voltage protection. Fifth, it is innovative in many aspects and is in leading position internationally, which integrates with Electronics, Physics, Electrochemistry, Optics, Biology, and Botany.

Product: Portable Solar Insect Killer 
Model: FWS-DBL-0
Covering Area Per Piece: 5-10 Acres
Rated Voltage: DC 6V Weight: 4.1kg
Period of Lighting: 6 Hours 
Size: 302*302*513mm

1.Parameter of Solar Panel: 315*920*20mm; 9V/4W; Amorphous Silicon 
2.Parameter of Attracting Lamp:  6V/3W 
3.Parameter of Storage Battery: 151*50*101mm; 6V/10Ah/60W; Lead-acid Battery 


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