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Operating Conditions
█  Machine cover is essential to minimize the injuries by flying broken blades.
█ Irrelevant people are not allowed in the work shop.
█ Flammables and explosives should be kept away from the work floor.
Safety Measures
█ Wear glasses when working, to prevent from injuries by broken blades.
█ Watch out for your ties and sleeves. Long hair should be kept inside the cap, and no gloves are allowed during operation.
Before Use
█ Ensure the machines are in good condition with no deformation and no spindle vibration, the spindle's running tolerance can h7.
█ Make sure the blades are not excessively worn-out, blade body has no deformation or breaks lest injuries occur.
█ Make sure appropriate saw blades are used.
█ Ensure the saw blade turns in the same direction as the spindle does. If not, accidents are likely to occur.
█ Choose the flange whose inner diameter is the same as that  of the saw blade but the outer diameter is a little larger than 1/3 (for multi-rip saw blade is 1/2) of the saw blade. Ensure the flange is clean, not over worn, bent and distorted shape.
█ Check the tolerance between the saw blade and the spindle. Install the flange and fasten the screw.
█ Be sure no people stand in front of the machine when starting the machine. Do not feed, just to check whether there is a vibration, radial or axial run out.
█ Saw blade reprocessing such as bore trimming or re-boring, should be finished by the factory. Poor reprocessing would lead to poor quality and may cause injuries.
█ While installation, the saw blade should be 5-6 teeth higher than the board surface.
In Use
█ In operation wood materials should be properly fixed lest abnormal cutting occurs.
█ The operation must be stopped rightly once unusual nose and vibration occurs, if not, rough surface and tip-breaking many occur.
After Use
█ Saw blade should be re-sharpened because dull saw blades many affect cutting effect and lead to accidents.
█ Re-sharpening should be made by professional factories, not changing the original teeth angle degrees.

Motor: 220v/50hz, 2200w, 2860r/min, IP54
Cutting diameter: 30~140mm
Blade: 400*30*3mm
N.W./G.W.: 42kgs/47kgs
Packing size ( LxWxH): 112*91.5*62cm
Container loading: 72pcs/20ft, 192pcs/40ft


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